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With over four decades of experience in jewellery making, Gold Durbar offers the best of Nepal’s finest heritage jewellery combined with a modern touch that reflects global trends. The team of passionate and exceptional craftsmen combined with the best designers, in-house manufacturing facilities, and expert gemmologists, brings you the most pure, fine and luxurious jewellery from Nepal.


A symbol of purity – 24 Karat Gold is Pure Gold. Gold is categorised based on its karat weight, the unit of purity for gold alloys. 24Karat Pure Gold uses pure gold for all the 24 parts; 22Karat uses only 22 pure gold parts; and 18Karat uses only 18 pure gold parts. It is likely that the first gold bullion that came into Nepal, found its way in from Hong Kong, and was a 24Karat gold bullion; Nepalese craftsmen were unaware of any other gold and hence, starting working with it. Over the years, 24Karat Pure Gold has come to represent Nepalese Pure Gold Jewellery.


24Karat Gold is extremely malleable, and often considered as difficult to work with. However, Nepali craftsmen have mastered the art and craft of working with 24KaratGold to make pure gold jewellery, and their skills are unsurpassed. The traditional designs including Tilauri and Jantar, are so unique and intricate that it is only the Nepalese craftsman, with their immense patience, who can make it.  Our team of passionate craftsmen keeps alive the specialist skills of making pure gold jewellery. The result – each piece of jewellery at Gold Darbar is as unique and original as a work of art, and stands tall as a mark of superior craftsmanship and purity.




All Jewelleries at Gold Durbar are tested for Purity by an in-house German XRF Gold Testing Machine.